The Millennial Epoch

Epoch– I know I made it sound very Victorian, but we Millennials have in a way adopted the ingenuity of the period into ours. Indian Millennials have off-late been facing severe backlash for apparently causing the economy to dwindle. Being part of the authentic millennial culture, I wanted to put together a little something that […]

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Scaling the Rejection Summit

Rejection- I’ve now embraced it like my nom de plume. I acutely remember the pain of having to read the disappointing words appearing one after the other, and then fading out, as if the email from the latest publishing agent looked like some kind of menacing powerpoint presentation. But then, it wasn’t the first time. […]

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Fuck Namastes, I say Vanakkam

Just your run-of-the-mill piece of fictionalized rant, based on personal as well as experiences of others, so I don’t mean any offence at all. Thanks for understanding! 🙂 Fuck Namastes. I say Vanakkam. If you’ve noticed my skin tone, and wondered if I’m Indian or Pakistani, or Sri Lankan, or definitely “from around there”, I’ll […]

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Mr. Grunge

It’s been a long time since I blogged, and I didn’t want to give up on this month’s quota like last month’s. So, I tried to find a piece of short fiction that all of you might enjoy, and found Mr. Grunge on one of my folders. I hope you like it! If someone wanted […]

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The Gender Anatomy

I’ve been watching movie after movie with a hero dissecting a piece of information or a case or something important to mankind, and a woman is at his aide, being the one to loosen him up, to be the “support”, or be the extra in his life where he takes all these important decisions. Granted, […]

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Out of season

I’m still obsessed with flash fiction, and although this doesn’t entirely qualify as ‘flash’, it still can’t be categorised as regular fiction. This also happens to be the first time I’m writing in a second person narrative, and it has been quite a challenge! 🙂 Say you see someone at the bus stop. She’s wearing […]

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Off late, I’ve been obsessed with experimental flash fiction, and wanted to give it a go. This is the piece I liked the best among all my drafts, and although not entirely experimental or ‘nueve’, I still wanted to give it a shot. Here it is: It’s funny how quiet the mind gets when it is […]

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