Off late, I’ve been obsessed with experimental flash fiction, and wanted to give it a go. This is the piece I liked the best among all my drafts, and although not entirely experimental or ‘nueve’, I still wanted to give it a shot. Here it is: It’s funny how quiet the mind gets when it is […]

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Milking the Bulls

My everyday breakfast involves a large bowl of cereal with almost one-and-a-half mugs of milk. Until a few weeks ago, I relished that thought, prided myself even at drinking that milk, or finishing those large boxes of yoghurt and the finest of cheeses. But today, the stupidity that is banning Jallikattu throws its medusa-like spears at us, and we […]

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2016: Boarding complete

The year sounded promising, and as we all buckled into a smooth transition with stellar academics, promotions, proposals and marriages, reality trumped in our faces (pun unintended) as always. In the wake of a whole trail of celebrity deaths this year, Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature. I’m currently feeling Zen, so this doesn’t […]

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Seasoned and Sprinkled

It all started with a song. A song that I danced to, like I was possessed. From the confines of my single dorm room, looking out to the sun setting at 5pm, coerced by squally showers, the song was what held me back from the wintery notes of solitude. The first month of living alone […]

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A Bite of Life

Away from home, you get more nostalgic than ever. I think this piece would be a standing testimony to that. All roads lead to Mutharasanallur. This humble village, not far from the popular Rockfort Town Trichy has been our escapade into sublime reality, and what we have called home for over three generations. My parents […]

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Why the world needs Humanities

Being a writer in this age and stage of life is hard, especially when writing is not considered ‘serious business.’ On most occasions, the fields of arts and humanities have always been overshadowed by the construed important professions such as the ones that deal with numbers or Law or Business. It’s quite hard for some of […]

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A potato’s guide to fitness

In terms of my career, I am heading towards a really good place in my life, and I couldn’t feel happier about it. I’m writing, reading and pretty much singing my days away- it somehow feels surreal. However, the only thing that has really always plagued my mind is ‘Weight loss’.  We live in a […]

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