Yo! This is potato pen. Meet me at my couch!

I’m just a potato! Come on. Just a whiny little potato. Okay! A potato that can write. Fine, I’ll admit it. A potato that writes damn well. Ok I really need to understand your forbearance in this whole episode. I am a narcissist p(otato)litzer winning potato. I acknowledge your nod. Moving on..

I have a couple of pointers about me that I’d love to share with you, so without further ado, here we go:

Yo! This is potatopen. Meet me at my couch!
Yo! This is potatopen. Meet me at my couch!

1. I can be a little too carbohydratey for you to handle for a day

2. I can cause you to fall in love with me, cause I have starch and other famous friends

3. I can be a little omnipotent- I offer on-the-spot soccour for just about any scenario (QuickFixx is my pseudonym) but I do get my off-days, Mind you.

4. I am a certified trainer in lazing around, mostly sitting on the couch all day (yeah okay I’m sure you’ve heard that earlier; people keep plagiarising my content- I know why! My diary of 1872 went missing! Yeah I’m a 142 year-old potato. Happy?) engaging in the slightest of movements so as to not disrupt my sleeping cells.

5. I can take any shape you want me to, I can be brown and ha(r)sh, I can be French and crisp, I can be mash and cheesy. You get the picture, don’t you?

Okay *throwing my hand(s)kin up* (in despair of course- it’s like a potato can never have a voice around here, or a laptop in my case). You take care of yourself and oh I saved the best for the last.. My best friend the Carb and I can FIND YOU! Muhahahahahahahahaha! *Flies away back to the couch*

– With spotless (I’m kidding) love,


p.s. I used to be the Phoenix at phoenixincineration.blogspot.in and now I’m a Potato. God knows what I’ll turn into tomorrow. The Hulk, perhaps? I know, it’s funny. It’s usually the Phoenix that surpasses anything, well that’s not a topic of rambling for today, may be some other day! Haha.

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