I’m a woman!

“All the world’s a stage”. This quote by Shakespeare has the most profound relevance to this date. Even today, in most households the social stigmas are still prevalent. ” Everybody lies” was Dr. House’s USP, but in reality that’s very much the truth.

Male chauvinism is strongly persistent in today’s world and despite the best efforts of people trying to “empower women”, the people who prevent from achieving that equality are also sadly, women. You may think that times are changing and that today’s strong and independent lass shuns from the clichΓ©s and the stigma associated with her, but no! There are however, a few crazy jerks like me who revolt to injustice, irrelevant traditions (while still respecting the entire paraphernalia surrounding them) and customs which objectify women as mere ‘things’.
To this date, in a Tamil Brahmin (affectionately referred to as TamBrahm) household, during the performance of religious rites for the dead, a girl still is not given the same ranking as a male child and even if she loves her parents more than her brother does,Β  it is the son who’s thrust with the role of the Alpha in such situations. There may have been strongly backed reasons for our ancestors to lay down such a methodology, however we’re not in that era or phase of life anymore. These were rules made out of convenience. When everything has amendments and modifications, why not the scriptures?

A male-dominant society has been let to grow not by men, but by the space the women have given the men. This social order, especially in India insists on the women in his family clearing his eaten (in Tamil, we call it “echchi”) plate because the man is apparently too important to even pick up his own damn plate. This is changing and a turnaround strategy has been working in favour of the women and a lot of men are not the chauvinists their ancestors used to be, so this blog is not intended at them. Thankfully, my family has adopted the thinking and policies on my lines of thought and has provided me with the space I need to grow. However, not all families are this liberal or forward.

The women of today are different. The erstwhile bending over and sucking up to traditions and formalities that showcase them as the weaker sex may have worked for those women hiding behind the doors in the kitchen, but it doesn’t appeal to the leaders of multimillion dollar enterprises or those in extremely intellectual jobs. They may still succumb to it, owing to family and societal pressure but suffice it to say that it is an insult to how they’re being perceived and treated in the harsh real world.

I have an appeal to the womenfolk out there- to this generation and the subsequent ones- please be sensible while being asked to follow ‘traditions’, understand their implications and for God’s sake be proud that you’re a woman!

In conclusion, I’d like to quote Marilyn Monroe “Any woman who seeks to be equal to men, lacks ambition”.
Cheers to all you wonderful ladies and the gentlemen who respect us!

15 thoughts on “I’m a woman!

  1. I think …Shakespear said:
    “She stoop to conquer”

    And another great frenchman said:
    “Women governs those who governs everything”
    You must know how to deal men

    1. On a macro level, that seems plausible but as for the nitty-gritties of everyday, it’s a lot harder than you think. Admit it or not, women are still ill-treated a lot. And men, however we deal with them will be men. Some things don’t change πŸ™‚

      1. I do agree. Some of them (it may be a small population) have a very distorted view and approach to the whole feministic concept. However, most of us have understood its needs and sensitivities and incorporated it into our everyday. That being said, there’s still a lot of education that is still in dearth around this, turning it into a very gray area.

    1. Wow! Wonderful read πŸ™‚ Your points are eloquent and effective. But in contemporary times, being dependent on your partner is not healthy which is why our generation’s ladies insist on a regular source of income. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad or denotes their being unsatisfied in their life. It’s highly subjective. Some people want to bake cakes all their life, some want to be the big boss on Wall Street and some crazy ones like me want to be champions in racing. The whole point being, our gender shouldn’t come in the way of our achieving things. That being said, I admire your writing style and your clarity of thought πŸ™‚ Cheers, Imran πŸ™‚

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