Thirteen crazy English mistakes that Indians make that gets on your nerves

  1. Reply back- Reply, by itself means to say something in response. What on earth does “reply back” mean?

What the hell

  1. Free gift- Was there a time you paid money for a gift? If yes, you’ve been duped!


  1. Lose vs. Loose- You “lose” something like your keys or say, weight and the bolt-latch is “loose”. Crap, I’m lo(o)sing my mind!


  1. Repeat-

If I tell you once and I repeat it again, it doesn’t mean I’m repeating it twice, I repeat it only ONCE!!


  1. Revert back-

Refer point No. 1. “Revert” is just a glorified “Reply”


  1. Your vs. You’re- This is a classic. We all know the Ross moment when he tells Rachel, “Y-o-u (apostrophe) re means ‘you are’ and “Y-o-u-r” means ‘your’!!!”


  1. Can you be able to? Wow.

Able to

It’s either “Can you do this?” or “Will you be able to do this?” RIP Wren & Martin

  1. You itself-

Though, it communicates effectively, “you itself” doesn’t really treat YOU right, unless you know, you’re a “thing”


  1. Say me/ Tell to me-

You either tell me or say to me! Everything else is “kill me”

Tell me

Image Source

  1. The ‘ness’ mess-

This one is by far, the worst. It’s totally unnecessary in a lot of places. I’ve known some people who say ‘hatredness’. There’s only hatred. Don’t just keep throwing the ‘Ness’ everywhere!


  1. I am only tell you-

Sure! Go to fifth grade English grammar class. I am only telling you to go!

Tell you

  1. Didn’t came-

Didnt came

I either didn’t come or I came! I didn’t “didn’t came”

  1. Alphabets-


As always, the best is for the last. There is only ONE Alphabet in the English language- It consists of 26 letters which are from A-Z!!

Image Sources:

  1. Google (General google search for images)
  2. Giphy

23 thoughts on “Thirteen crazy English mistakes that Indians make that gets on your nerves

  1. Oh, don’t even get me started on this, please.. I can never stop…
    But hey, can I still say Elliot Ness or should I just use his first name? 😀
    I myself only told, no? That is not correct. Did you went to my first comment? Is it raining it is over there also? Only has good as…
    (Don’t forget the Americans, though… ‘We will be back with you momentarily’…. just like our Indian people, ‘definately’, but little worser and most dumbest peoples in the world).

    And finally, the eternal mystery of a lifetime.. why does every blessed Telegu fellow, never mind if he had been educated in Harrow or Trinity College, say things like “I am yegenest aal this naansense”… trust me, even Malayalis who have gotten an education from St Stephen’s immediately revert (back) to using the typical pronunciation of words in their own language. Shashi Tharoor would be a good test. With his clipped little speech he would probably say, “I am quite certain that my alma mater, St Stephen’s was and is the best college in India”.. compare that when he speaks to another Malayali.. “Ee deshathill St Stephen’s aanu bestu Kozhaj” It is almost like it is a compulsion to use that when you speak in the local dialect/language. Arrrghhh!!! You had to get me started…

    1. I literally rolled out of the bed laughing my head off. I can’t agree with you more and it’s so hilarious and cool to know that we think so much alike! The parody on Shashi Tharoor was the icing on the cake! I’m still laughing. 😀 😀

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