Indepen-dance- Yeah, that’s right; that’s the spelling!

I know I’m late in writing about this. It’s probably not in the fervour of the I-day celebrations that included tons of movies, argumentative topics with no conclusion, leaving you exhausted with a melancholic feeling that work was way better than a holiday!

Indepen-dance- had I written this spelling for my English test at school, I’d have been chastised by my English teacher and asked to go back to Class 3! However, as much as independence is the right spelling, an indepen-dance is the way to go. It’s been 69 years since the country regained its glory, yet how many people are honestly proud or happy of themselves?

People constantly tell each other ‘Don’t do this. Don’t say that. Don’t be such a moron’. Hell, if I want to be a moron, just let me be. As long as it doesn’t affect you in any way, let me get my dance in the rain. That’s all my dance, my thing! A selfless attitude is something that’s becoming more and more obsolete these days. Even if somebody is trying to help us, we all immediately think, “What has this person to gain from this?” We are hard-wired this way. We dance to the tunes of our bosses, our families, our staff, our social media. We have never explored beyond what has been presumably reported. We have never trodden paths that have been waiting to be discovered. If on a rare occasion, somebody does successfully, then they’re exalted to the highest position possible, celebrated for two days, we hashtag and retweet their posts and posts about them constantly surface and two days later, forget their existence. And that’s how life moves. We never stop to think how they reached such a level. Let’s face it- who doesn’t beat the odds while rising up to the pinnacle? Everybody does! The lesson is how they faced the dance-off. Abhinav Bhindra won an Olympic gold, amongst other notable awards. We were so proud of him. We elevated him to the highest level possible, and then we just chose to forget. The recent news about him having won a couple more trophies created hardly a stir in the country. The thing is, even if we forgot him, he still danced his way through. He didn’t stop doing what he does just because we forgot him! That’s independence! That’s the real freedom. We all try to emulate someone or the other, there’s always Murthy mama’s payyan or Sharmaji’s beta. However, there is no one like you.

When it’s time for my eulogy, I don’t want to be labelled as the one that didn’t dance all her way to her own tunes. Sure, sometime we got to dance to others’ tunes too but history should remember you for what you did. How ever damn hard that pas de bourée is, be proud that you nailed it, taking one step at a time, at your own pace.

Do your dance people!

2 thoughts on “Indepen-dance- Yeah, that’s right; that’s the spelling!

  1. Totally agree. I’m still in the process of being more comfortable with marching to the beat of my own drum, despite the fear and naysayers. Hence, my blog. Thanks for following it.

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