Is Utopia here yet?

Utopia! I ponder over how amazing this place would be and I’m unable to imagine how Sir Thomas More came up with this whole thing! The British Library had raised the same question. Is Utopia possible?

“In 1516 Sir Thomas More wrote the first ‘Utopia’. He coined the word ‘utopia’ from the Greek ou-topos meaning ‘no place’ or ‘nowhere’. But this was a pun – the almost identical Greek word eu-topos means a good place. So at the very heart of the word is a vital question: can a perfect world ever be realised?”- The British Library

Humans have already discovered enough to keep the race going for at least the next 20 generations (a ballpark figure). We have put man on the Moon, in the concluding process of putting him on Mars, we have innumerable scientific discoveries, Alan Turing created the computer, Edison gave us light, Shakespeare and Milton gave us the best of literature. We have supersonic jets and humanoids, 3D movies and 4G technology run on phones that can take pictures underwater! As much as scientific curiosity is good, I think we are just getting lazier by the day, so much that we need crazy alarms to wake us up, (Take a look at this!) something our mom would have done obligingly (with a bucket of water)! We are constantly in search of things that minimise our work, reduce our capacity and keep our participation in anything to the bare minimum. All this while trying to build an ‘idealistic society’!

This leaves us with the question suspended in mid-air- What is an idealistic society, really? By definition, the dogmas of this society would intend the same rules, laws, harmony and peace exist for the whole wide world. Which means, there would be no crimes, no filthy rich communities, no cut-throat competition, no poverty, starvation, no rogue nations, no ‘third-world’ countries, no superpower or economic giants. In the face of the society, all would be equal, with equal opportunities and rights. Doesn’t this sound a tad too familiar with the Communist manifesto of the mastermind Karl Marx who is still the Godfather of Communism across the globe? Truth be told, an idealistic society is something we haven’t ever fathomed, because we have all been under the notion that ‘to err is human’ is the basis for our survival. Economics describes something called a ‘perfect market competition’ and the assumption is that such a market never exists, and that it is far from reality. There is always a theoretical possibility which may sound extremely possible given that it functions in an ‘idealistic environment’, however are we certain of its functionalities in a realistic environment?

How would a society pan out if everybody had knowledge of everything, everybody was a specialist (thus phasing out the entire term by itself), and everybody had access to any information (Julian Assange wouldn’t be the world’s most wanted criminal if everybody’s moral right was to have access to any and all information)? There would be no patents, no single contribution (because a single contribution always merited a collective contribution). Would geographical boundaries exist? Would people still hold their nativity, culture and tradition close to themselves or embrace a new and unified code of religious discipline and would caste or creed exist or would they be exterminated? Would there be one God or multiple forms (as it is in contemporary times)? How would our markets function- would luxury be available to all? How would our Governments run- obviously in a perfect concoction of Democracy, Capitalist and Socialist, but how? What if the very design of humans could be altered that can correct every flaw in the human body with the insertion of a small chip that holds Exabytes of data (highest that the humans have ever discovered) or more? What if we had aliens living amongst us so peacefully and don’t threaten to take over the planet (as emphasised to the contrary in various top-grossing Hollywood movies)? What would happen to our languages, would it still retain their own cultural diversity or would they be unified into a Universal language? How would we support the differently-abled? Who would spur the Idealist movement on a mega scale? What would be the outcome of a movement of that proportion? Will the Universe support or retaliate? How would we do what? Is that how an idealistic society would work? We never know. Will it cause anarchy? I haven’t the slightest idea.

These are but hardly 15 questions on the most profound question in today’s world. Humans reason and argue based on experience, observation and knowledge. How is someone supposed to explain an ‘idealistic’ situation, when no one has ever seen it or lived it? So, even centuries after 1516, Utopia still seems a quixotic fantasy (extremely unrealistic and chimerical) and it will probably take another couple of centuries for the idea to even appeal to mankind, let alone the juxtaposition of reality with ideality!

So, is Utopia here yet? You’re kidding, right?

21 thoughts on “Is Utopia here yet?

  1. Excellent post!! The bit about our getting lazier reminded me of of how irritated I was when self serve gas stations came about and then I was laughing at the silliness of this thought because in actuality in this particular scenario the opposite would be laziness (having a gas attendent fill up the tank, wash the windshield, etc.). This was such a though provoking post that my head started hurting in a good way because on it’s face utopia sounds like an ideal world but as you so eloquentlly put it, it would completely change how we live.

  2. I don’t know about Utopia per se, but I do know human life comes with suffering. It’s what the Buddhist’s say, we impermanent. That does not mean people can’t experience their own Utopia. Loving others, helping others, having compassion even for our enemies and ourselves. We can do one thing to start a new definition of Utopia. Maybe it’s simply to try to love and help others and ourselves. I think some that are not spiritual are afraid of death. It’s the human condition. But i have heard we are souls have a human experience, not the other way around. I think there is dark before the light and there are so many people helping others, it’s hard sometimes when the media only feeds us fear. Maybe there is not so much fear out there, it’s just sold to us by media. Everyone was once an infant. Small and fragile. If we world as one world, one people on a ball in space and care for animals and nature we nurture ourselves. Sometimes becoming enlightened is painful. Sometimes we shy away from this because it hurts. Maybe why so many people are busy staring at cell phones and consuming because they are feeling alone. If we all start forgiving ourselves and others no matter what, I think we can reach a state of compassion that can spread across Earth. It may seem like it’s taking a long time, but if you go out and just be in nature, you see the natural state of living is beautiful if we keep things simple and keep our hearts and minds open. Life can be scary, but there can be no light w/o the dark. The dark illuminates the light. If we just love and support each other and find a way to help, we help ourselves and slowing like a domino effect, everyone can benefit from a peaceful knowing that we are never alone.

    Be the change we want to see in the world. Awareness is your gift. You are aware of the world. It may seem bad at times, but being aware of what needs to be changed in waking up. you are awake and can inspire others to think how LOVE is really the only thing that matters. with love, we heal ourselves and help others.

    You are a wonderful writer and I look forward to hearing your views. it’s so good to help sadness by writing. Keep it up!

    1. I agree that we were all tiny fragile creatures, new into the world. As you rightly said, we grow up with a lot of influence from the media which tells you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. We assume that it’s always right and to not differ from the crowd, we always throng the already thronged, we pursue what’s always pursued. My opinion is, nobody is selfless because they haven’t found a valid reason to be so. They would have a zillion reasons to be selfish but no single reason to be selfless. If you’ve watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you’ll know how hard it was for Phoebe to find a selfless good deed. There are loopholes in everything and everybody tries to get out before it’s too late and the burden falls on them. Everybody thinks they are a mere existence in the community, which in reality, is exactly the contrary. They’re afraid to get started with the whole enlightenment process for the fear of ridicule. Enlightenment is essential because it brings out the darkest in each of us, which is why it’s also scary. When people initiate something, they’re always first laughed at or they are the subject of a cynical bout of phrases hurled at them. If we could all still stand up and accept the rotten eggs, then we’re in for a whole new set of good omelettes 🙂 I’d love to brace the rotten eggs and hope that others would too, until the bad is out and extinguished. Also, as you wonderfully put forth, we heal ourselves and help others. 🙂 Thank you so much, Deb. You’ve showered me with wonderful compliments 🙂

  3. Good arguments, great post! Yes, the real Utopia is Nowhere but in our thoughts and perception of the world. It is in Being in the moment and accepting them without judging to be good or bad. Easier said than done, I know. 🙂

    1. Yep, but the wonderful part is its uncertainty. We think our thoughts are under our control, which is what it needs to be ideally, but reality is brutal and far from the professed ideology 🙂

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