Confessions of a word-zoned potato

Sometimes life is hard, isn’t it? You are thrown into situations that are unpleasant, to say the least. You are pushed to the realms of existence. Throwing in some marketing jargons, I’d rather adopt a pull strategy with people rather than a push strategy. Sometimes it is plainly soothing to stay away from the crowd. It is not about being different or unique, sometimes reflecting on your own life is the best way going forward.

Baking Potato side view
Baking Potato

I was in a fix a couple of days ago. I am a very insecure potato and sometimes for the fear of being judged, I hide behind my thousand eyes, which transfixes my gaze on to the whole world unflinchingly. Being a potato is one of the hardest things ever. Everyone wants you to be crispy and so brilliantly delicious all the time that they want to devour you. However, when you start getting a little stale or haven’t any new crispies hidden in your secret carb pockets, you can’t become the fries everyone loves, but end up being baked, diced and thrown into the salad no one eats. It’s unfair, don’t you think? Being made into something else owing to the pressure or expectations people have of you? Everyone is a commodity in this world. We have uses- some exclusive, some multiple. When I mean uses, yes I mean “uses”. We are designated with roles, which we have to perform with the utmost emotion. For example, if I was hanging out with a group (for a completely different reason) who loves listening to Black Metal, I am expected to like the same kind of music and probably even head-bang as well. If I however liked my regional pop (down here we call it dappankuthu) or English classics, I just wouldn’t be “one of them” any more. The worst of all- I experienced a void with respect to my personal blogging. It just didn’t sanctify the turmoil in me. Normally, the flow of my words from my head to my fingers calm my freakishly active nerves, but not this month. My creativity was good, work went on well but there was still something that was stagnating and resonating deep within telling me, “You stupid potato, just go write!”, but I just couldn’t get myself to write. I barely wrote a 100 words before a severe dosage of writer’s block overcame my urge and I decided not to go through with it and fight it. I must have deleted 10 drafts before I published this one, so “Score, potato!”. Sometimes the best thoughts flow to you when you are in the shower and have no access to a pen, paper or a tablet. Forget “intelligent” toilets (thank you Kohler), somebody discover this please!

Anyway, back to topic. I have always wondered where we all fit among the crowd. Is it trying to be overtly cool or demurely philosophical? Is there a balance at all that mankind is yet to achieve. Forget work-life balance, are we self-balanced individuals to start with? If we don’t possess something, it’s sane to go around looking for it. What if it is unattainable at all in the first place? What happens then? Where is this “balance”? Is it something within each of us, like they say happiness is, or is it in other people where I have to go around finding the good in each of them (thanks, Budha)? I find myself turning irate at the very mention of philosophical somethings. I am done with self-help books and looking for the “true search” of things. There is only one solution- SELF-HELP. Why did I need to buy an expensive special edition book to tell me that? As I said, reflecting on my behaviour has always helped me understand where or what prompted me to do certain things the way I did them (duh!).

Ok. So, how did I get word-zoned?! Is that something I just coined or has it been in existence? Doesn’t matter. HOW DID I GET WORD-ZONED? I distinctly remember that my brain was muddled up, words kept getting cluttered and de-cluttered with no sense of belonging and moved randomly at warp speed that I couldn’t catch hold of a string of sensible ones and make a simple sentence. It was as simple as that. Being creative is something that comes to people in their natural states. Sometimes it needs some inducing, some motivation, some love. Yes, love. Come on, you got to my blog until here. I promise I will be done soon. So yes, love is a critical aspect of stimulating creativity. Tap into it right, and the words will flow the way you want it. In this case love doesn’t necessarily mean just happy unicorn love but it credits the absence of love as a bigger contributor to opening your mind. Depressed people write better and more meaningfully- real life things. The absence of love is again a very paradoxical term- there is no love on one side and there is lack of seeing the displayed love on the other. Either way, it goes best with arty things, including writing.

On a concluding note (I just heard you say Thank God), I think that sometimes it’s okay to be alone for a while, to get yourself into terms with what you think is best for yourself. It happens more often that you would like and enjoy it while it lasts. That’s your time, your precious. So why I think I was probably word-zoned was because I was too happy!



24 thoughts on “Confessions of a word-zoned potato

  1. I am convinced that different people bring out different sides of you.

    Sometimes you have to accept the fact that there are things that will never go back to how they used to be.

    I admire people who choose to smile after all the things they’ve been through.

  2. This link explains how potatoes are selected and how they are converted for french fries. Its not a random selection, its a concious decision of each and every potato to choose what they want to be. Fries or Salad. They eat more nutrients and less water to be fit enough to be fried. They worked hard. There is no substitute for hard work and the fries gave all their means to be there. Just that they are buried away from each other, the salad ones think they are lucky enough to be fries and its unfair.
    Being a potato buried in a soil you would have known that you have root hairs. To hold yopurself up firmly when there is strong wind and any potato cant let it go just because they had a block in their mind. If they do, they go with the wind and eventually die. Not just writers have blocks. Everyone. The sportsmen, people in business, even kids who try to walk. They dont know what to do. They try to overcome it. Just because you are lucky enough to write you cant have a block as an excuse. There are lot of carrots and beans lying around trying so hard to learn, read and write. If you don’t control your mind how will you control your life. When you want to write, you just have to keep writing. You decide to be in your state of mind. You wanna be depressed or happy, Your call. This world is always about survival of fittest. Survive or perish as a unused salad Potato. Its you choice to be fries or stay in salad. Just like you every carrot, bean and cabbage in this world is entitled to their own opinion. There is a midlevel called appreciation. Not that you have to like it, you can appreciate death metal. If they dont then thats their problem.

    What is true things in this world? They only true things I know is “Make starch when sunshines.” “Time and sun waits for none.”
    “Its not about the starch you have inside, its what you do (fries or salad) that defines you.”- Batpotato

    Yes depressed people write well and more meaningful stuff, but the definition of well and meaning is still debatable.

    Man who likes potato curry (Doesn matter whether you need fries potato or salad potato, all you need is just potato for curry)

    1. Hello Mr. Vengayam! Pleased to make your acquaintance. At the outset, I would like to thank you immensely for such a wonderful reply. You’ve made your point true to your self- like peeling the layers of an onion 🙂 It’s not what I choose to be. Sometimes there are a number of ways we learn how things work. Sometimes we are just made a particular way, there is no going back. I’m happy being the way I am. We as a genus always celebrate failure after success, for example, if a celebrated sportsman declares to the world how hard he toiled and faced failures before he got to be this successful, he is extremely appreciated, however the contrary is not true when someone actually explains what’s bogging their heads, celebrity or not. I know that these “blocks” are not true only to the writing profession and that they are widespread. Mine is minuscule compared to real-world problems but if I don’t start looking to myself and nurturing myself, it is always going to be a tough world to live in! Anyway, as I said, I’m extremely pleased to meet you Mr. Vengayam. Hope you stay in touch.

  3. We cannot stereotype people anymore. And we’re more accepting now I think, but yes it’s still tough when one person can’t bring himself to fit in even a bit. Scary place eh?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. I even had to read out loud to work colleagues. That’s how good it is for me.. I guess that’s how much it resonated with me 😀 …
    I must just say that I was thinking on Saturday that I, or someone, must invent something that truly works, that I can use in the shower, for those bursts of ideas. My thoughts are muddled, chaotic and non-coherent. It’s like my thoughts and ideas suffer from ADHD. I don’t know if this is comforting for you but thank you for the comfort I got from this piece, proof that there are others like me.
    And I really love it! Makes sense!

    1. Oh my God this is so wonderful! This made my day, AJ 🙂 Trust me when I say that I’m so glad and comforted by that and it instantly brought a smile to my face. I visited your blog and I must say it is so beautiful, and I’m inspired by your travelogue. Your theme and description complement each other so harmoniously. Kudos to you! I’m indeed pleased to make your acquaintance. 🙂 Do stay in touch!

      1. Well deserved! 🙂 I am looking forward to reading more of your work. I was saying to my colleagues that with more fantastic pieces with perfect analogies I read, I should eventually learn to do the same and be a bit more artistic. Haha!
        Thank you for the compliment! 🙂 I shall keep on and work on improving. I love beautiful things and fortunately for me, for now, with photographs, I need less words.
        Pleasure on my side, too. I will be here and I will be in touch.

      2. Haha! I’ll write more soon, I promise. I know I shouldn’t be making any excuses but I’ll get a couple more posts up and running as soon as I can 😀
        Oh and photography is indeed a bliss. So many things to capture, so little time. Sigh! If only I could go with you on your travel escapades, but I’m so glad to see you living your life the best, that passive memories seem good enough! 🙂

  5. Potatopen, Don’t allow the world the define you and put you in a box. Enjoy all your natural dimensions and expressions. Think of your versatility, casseroles, soups, mashes, fries, etc. Just roll with your own quirky ideas.

  6. Aah! Now I understand why you sympathized with my writer’s block. And here’s an ‘Amen, sister’ to the ending thought. I agree, it’s completely fair to be on your own at times, being you and nothing the world wamts. You go, potayto!

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