Two Sentence Story Challenge- Fire in the dark

Here goes my story for the challenge!

She picked up her mail and headed over to the desk to sort them out, while she looked up momentarily at the reflection of the animate inferno on the kitchen clock. The pulse of the flaming heat hit her hard and there, with the letters in her hand, she sunk into abysmal depths, an echoing vortex full of fire, in the dark.

23 thoughts on “Two Sentence Story Challenge- Fire in the dark

  1. Good one. My turn.

    The dark-eyed Nicolai stood up appalled and banged his sweaty fist on the big red button. The missile, primed and armed, flung itself skyward in less than a second and so began World War III after hundreds of thousands of were obliterated in a fiery conflagration.

    1. Wow! Loved the imagery. That’s the best part of a 2 sentence challenge, isn’t it? It’s so anticlimactic, deep and connects with you- all in merely 2 sentences! Loved it 🙂

      1. Ha, ha, ha – I forget that not everyone lives in a bi-lingual city. I spoke no Spanish at all until I moved to Texas and now speak Spanglish for work as most people do.

      2. Haha. Spanglish 😀 I can so imagine. “Hand me that cappuccino, por favor”. Haha, sorry for the terrible imitation. As a matter of fact, I love Spanish. I have always felt that it’s a poetic language, of course drawing liberally from Latin. This was the reason I learnt the language in the first place 🙂

  2. Hi! You followed plantsandpompeii, didn’t you? Thanks! We’re just starting out and your support is highly appreciated! Or something like that.

      1. I put you in my shout-outs 🙂 and check it out later at my website’s chat room. We’re presenting in 6 days :-O

  3. Embarrassed by his act of unable to open his mouth around a melon, to this day he prefers the hard boiled egg. This brings great joy to his wife. 😉

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