When the city sunk, humanity surfaced

In the light of the unforeseen rains that brought the beloved city of Chennai to a standstill, with flooded roads and houses choked with water, and all everyone could think of was to get to their families. The highest rainfall in 100 years has led to snakes and poisonous reptiles making their appearances in a lot of homes, adding to the gut-wrenching fear that has brought citizens to flee their homes, grabbing their immediate belongings and rushing to the nearest hospitable area.  Lakes and rivers broke free and carrying a heavy current, entirely swallowed parts of Chennai, and people took to their terraces fearing safety. Gaping manholes the size of craters gave way to the torrent of rains that exemplified its fury and, gas pockets burst with immense pressure on main roads, and spouted water, discouraging vehicles from using the roads.

Schools have been shut for 20 days now, exams have been postponed, and the schools are now functioning as makeshift homes for a lot of people who are stranded. Industries have been severely damaged and top-notch IT companies are  floating in water, as staircases are filled with gushing water. Areas suffered power outage for more than 36 hours, in prudence with any mishaps that could occur. Read this! 

With buses stopping mid-way on inundated roads, and taxi operator Ola offering boat services, the city is doing all it can to cope with what is happening. Train and air services have been suspended, with the stations and airports being flooded, rendering them non-operable. The Indian Army has taken the matter in their hands and are on a full-on rescue mission, desperately trying to salvage  of whatever is left of the capital of Tamilnadu.


Despite the grave situation, the people of the city have displayed an immense sense of belonging in the community. Twitterati across different parts of the city opened their homes for all those stranded and constantly did everything in their power to get immediate access to help for anyone. A Google Spreadsheet has been in circulation with details of volunteers, people offering their homes for shelter, list of organisations providing food, Government and Army helplines. Celebrities tweeted and retweeted any help anybody wanted, which only went to show that no matter who or what, all of us were trying to help each other in any way we could.

Benevolence was at its peak when individuals and organisations credited phone balance to all those in need pro-bono, no questions asked. The most popular cinema chain in Chennai and known for its legacy, Sathyam cinemas has offered for people to stay on its premises. Malls, hotels, even Bistros and cafes welcomed rattled citizens warmly and helped in accommodating and helping anyone who came their way.


Individuals have started cooking at whatever scale they could and hoteliers are mustering up their supplies for providing food packets on a massive scale. My friends, their families and friends congregated and cooked for nearly 500 people, a task which is by no means easy for a small gathering. NGOs are operating in full swing, collecting anything that can be of help to someone else in need-bread, blankets, essentials, and also clean sanitary napkins for women. #RainsInChennai and #RainsInChennaiHelp gathered enough attention to show the Indian Media what was happening here, and twitterati lashed out at their (media’s) sheer ignorance and terrible prioritisation of the country’s national affairs. #YourJournalismSucks was targeted at leading news houses such as CNN-IBN, NDTV and TOI where their top news included an actor’s statement on intolerance, the latest development in a sickening piece of murder and, the inevitable battle between the two major political parties. Hundreds of lives lost, property washed away and the very fact that the army had been deployed was never the concern of the media houses. Post the fury that the citizens heaved over, the central news channels showed some signs of sanity and learnt to be sensible journalists.

Though the Government is probably trying to do what it can do, it could take cues from this calamity and check into the following aspects next time around:

  1. Raise the levels of the electricity junction boxes, as this seems to be the main reason that the entire city is blacked out. Since the roads have been flooded and people are still walking and driving through the roads, it is best thought to shut down the power.
  2. Check the storm water drain pattern sufficiently in advance, as most of the water that flows through the roads are murky sewage water. This makes it extremely unsanitary and causes more harm than good
  3. Declaration of emergency- This one is more particularly important in cases where offices are still crippled by client deadlines and work which cannot wait. In dire times such as these, it is essential to prioritise and indeed focus on safety first
  4. Build a solid infrastructure and rope in the experts this time. 

A major administerial overhaul is looming ahead as this storm has changed the face of our lives in this vibrant city. With all the help that’s coming our way from everyone, there seems to be sunshine at the end of this terrible storm as despondency is lifted from its dark spell.

So many people have been part of this mammoth task! Thank you for being there. Here’s the list (in no specific order):

  • Chennaiites (hoots for all of us!)
  • The Twitter Community
  • The Facebook Community
  • ChennaiRains
  • ChennaiRainsHelp
  • My friends, especially Nithish Kothari and his family for their resourceful and timely help (Great job! :))
  • The Indian Army
  • The Navy
  • Actor Siddharth
  • Big FM RJ Balaji
  • Sowmya Rao (great job on the Spreadsheet!)
  • Khusbhu Sundar
  • The Hindu
  • BBC India
  • ChennaiRainsWeather
  • KEA Weather
  • Ola Cabs
  • Twitter India
  • The Government (State and Centre)
  • Media

Do let me know if I have missed anyone, I’d be more than glad to reiterate their wonderful efforts here 🙂


49 thoughts on “When the city sunk, humanity surfaced

  1. Man, flooding is one of the worst natural disasters. It’s hard for relief efforts to begin, it ruins everything, and leaves behind a massive mess. I hadn’t heard about this. I’m so sorry this has happened. I watched my beloved city of New Orleans and dozens of friends suffer after Katrina. Displaced, abandoned, losing everything. My heart breaks for anyone suffering the same fate. 😔

    1. It’s getting worse because the rivers have broken free and the water is gushing down the streets, thus spiking the water level. Some of my friends tell me that the water has now reached their apartments on the first floor. God save! 😦

      1. Yep. I heard that people are still emptying the heaps of sand from their houses. Also, a few places still reek of drainage. It’s really saddening 😦

      2. I apologize because this is off the subject. In a way, it is it is about something I posted yesterday on one of my blogs, Watch and Whirl. . . . Why do you write, God save? Is it just an expression, or do you think it is something that is actually possible??

      3. Hi sonniq! Please don’t apologize. 🙂 You have begun a thread where I could play Devil’s advocate all day and end up in a mind-boggling deadlock, Haha. Well for starters, I do believe in God, in a very abstract form though. It’s a philosophy of explaining how we’re all gods in some form or the other, with our own set of flaws. Whilst I believe in God as a superpower, he’s not just someone who acts on impulse. He acts taking the collective destiny and a prognosis of the future in mind. Coming from India, the seeds of Karma are planted very early in our heads and it’s almost impossible to escape that philosophy. So I know God as someone who’ll keep pushing and trying you till you give up and then when you do, will swoop in and save your ass. Though I meant this in an expressive form when I wrote, I would have indeed wanted that to sound more plausible than ever. Let me know what you think about this! 🙂

      4. Well this is going to take a bit of thought. I think the concept of God means different things to people – but – The Christian concept of God is one that doesn’t work. It’s rather ineffective because it doesn’t matter if he answers your prayers or not, because if things work out then it’s because he answered your prayer and if things don’t work out then it’s the lord’s will – so he can’t lose. Christianity has been manipulated by so many people, mainly those in power and it’s be used to manipulate the masses. Things that have no common sense at all are said to be true and because they attribute to having blind faith and that he works in mysterious ways then it doesn’t matter if having faith works or not. I grew up believing in God along with everyone else I knew because it is what people learned. There were no other choices. A long time ago – near 30 years I started studying Nichiren Buddhism, after having heard of it through the years. It took 14 years to actually start studying. It was the concept of God – as a being – who thought about you and knew you and had a path for you – as long as you praised him and had no other gods before him and then you got to go be happy in heaven. It was all for after you died. You could be any way you wanted as long as you managed to bring him into your heart before the moment of death. Huh?? Then what is the point of doing unto others as you would want them to do unto you? The concept of cause and effect is the same as Christianity’s – you reap what you sow except that it doesn’t tell you exactly what that means. Buddhism does. But Buddhism has as many sects as Christianity does, so there are many schools of thoughts of what is the most important sutra you should study, so it matters what you study and what you put into play in your life. Buddhism is not Buddhism, just like being a Catholic is not like being a Mormon, but have God in it. The god-like nature is not on the outside,it is inside, which is why asking for something outside your body to fix your life doesn’t have a very high success rate – as good as rolling the dice, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It makes sense to me that if I want my future to be a certain way it is better to consciously make the causes for that to happen rather then let life slap me around and hope I come out a winner. Your faith should enable you to be happy. If you aren’t then maybe it’s time to try and figure out why. For many, belief in God is about what happens after you die instead of how to live your life so are happy now. But people generally believe what they were taught as they were growing up – what friends and family believed in. It takes a strong person to go against the grain because you could get rejected. I ask that question a lot – Why do you believe what you believe? It is almost always – it was what I was taught. Is there power in the universe – I believe there is, it is just not something with human emotions like jealousy and love, it is cause and effect. Jump off a mountain and you will probably break your neck and no belief in any kind of super power is going to save you. You won’t grow wings. I have 2 blogs and you went to the one I have on Jamie and prisons. On my other blog – watchandwhirl.com, this is a subject I write about quite often. I never say I am right and you are wrong, but I do like to make you think. Some Christians do get a bit pissed off though because they say if I would only read the bible, I too could feel God’s love around me. I’m sure I studied the bible before they were born. It is how I was raised. But not even my 82 year old mother believes in Christianity when she found out she didn’t have to and nothing bad was going to happen to her. She’s been a Buddhist for 27 years. I think there are good things to learn in every religion – if you really do apply what you learn to your life. I don’t think there is only one route to happiness, but some faiths have a better way to get you there if you accept responsibility for your life and don’t blame anyone for your unhappiness, and that is difficult to do. It is a fascinating subject to discuss as long as each side listens instead of demanding the other to convert because then it just becomes frustrating. But I have a question. If the seeds of karma were planted early in your life – and karma is the effects of causes made with thoughts, words and actions, and yet you think God will push until you give up and then he’ll come in and save you, then you are talking about him providing the action that has no cause – to save you – Because you can’t have an effect without a cause. The two work hand in hand, all the time, not just sometimes, so could you explain that a little better? Do you practice any particular faith? Some do, some don’t and some take a little of different things and mold it into what works for them. Sometimes it is process and changes until we get it right.

      5. Wow! That’s one of the best answers I’ve ever read. Ever. So, thanks to you for that. Now coming to the whole concept.. We’re people who believe in God while we are alive, though we do have various rituals after death. In fact, our belief system revolves around the concept that once someone dies, they’re God, so much that on their death anniversary (according to our Hindu calendar) we almost completely ignore our prayer rituals to God. I agree with your concepts and I can indeed see why it’s hard for a lot of people to wrap their heads around it. And coming to Karma, yes you got that right. What I essentially meant was that in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that we should do our duty no matter what and not expect the results. He also says that if we do our duty and then ultimately surrender to the Almighty, and he’d help. So it’s more of finding the balance of surrender and doing the right thing. Come to think of it, that’s what spurs the cause and effect relationship in the first place. Yes, I have a strong faith in God, but I don’t find it in the rituals that most Hindus rave about. In other words, I’m spiritual and not religious. 🙂

      6. Yes there is a difference between spirituality and being religious. I think the concept void “doing rituals” turns people off. Some religions have so many rules v mean absolutely nothing in the long run. No dancing and only dresses for women – things that apply to behavior. Or doing things at certain times our only eating certain. Like Jews not eating pork, which only came about because at the time it was killing people but now it’s a religious ritual. I remember going to church and having the entire service memorized. Boooring! With Buddhism – reaching God – becoming God – is called Buddhahood – the highest life condition. The lowest is hell. Not a place we go to, but a life condition with live in..the next lowest is hunger ( not food) then animality – I call it “kick the dog syndrome”, bullies – then anger, which can be used positive or as a negative – then humanity, when we began to act with compassion – heaven, fleeting state of happiness caused mostly by external stimuli – bodhisattva, actions of goodness – learning and realization ( a tough one because if you study and learn and are even very smart, if you don’t apply it to better the world, what’s the point? Knowledge for the sake of knowledge, what’s the point? and then buddhahood. But we don’t stay in these life conditions. We bounce all over the place all day long. Each LC is inside each LC . But with effort through life we fine tune our strengths. Not an easy task. But if don’t take responsibility for who we are and make an effort to change, so often the outcome is unhappiness. Many people don’t even try and just say is the lord’s will. We have more personal power than we think we do. We call the time after death and before life – the state of ku – and born with the same people – souls? But they may not be the same relationship. We begin life the same way we left it. It explains the reason we are born with the temperament, looks, health, life in general that we have, and continue with our life’s lessons. It all sounds good, but we never know a really. W need to focus on our happiness while we live. The only legacy we can leave behind is the effect we have on others. We live on through them. It gives meaning to our life. And I believe you are right. We don’t make good causes and hold out our hand and say, “Now where’s my cookies

      7. cont…..”Where’s my cookies?” We do it because is the right thing to do. Then we grow. as human beings. So many of the same teachings are in many fafaithhs. Things had to original come from one teaching that splintered through time. What do you think?

      8. I so completely agree with you. It’s indeed a process and most people spend (or rather, waste) their time expecting quick results. It sometimes gets annoying to the point of forcing their views on everybody else and that is where the whole concept of secularism dies a very slow and morbid death. Obviously, it’s unpleasant. A lot of people don’t give the other the kind of religious freedom that they would like to receive. In other words, it’s just forcible condescension and a matter of shaming if somebody doesn’t conform to certain norms. India is slowly trying to adapt, be open and embrace the differences of opinion on the subject of being spiritual v. being religious, but I personally think we still have a long way to go and the road is not going to be easy to traverse.

      9. Change is hard. People want to be right and they think there is something wrong with people who don’t believe what they do. It’s hard to have a conversation where it’s an exchange of ideas without trying to convert. Most people WILL believe what they are taught. It is their comfort zone. It is the rare human being that will listen to another – unless they are already in the searching mode and want to find something something that helps them make sense. I usually ask people to go to the website sgi-usa.org.It’s on how to be happy. If your faith isn’t able to help you change or understand why certain things cause you unhappiness one thing you should ask yourself is : What is the purpose of having an idea you have faith in? What do you hope to gain? For some it is because they want an afterlife. Growing up in Christianity, you believed because you wanted God to love you so you could go to heaven. You didn’t have to worry about sinning because god already forgave you fur everything you already did and all you had to do was all him to come into your heart. That’s pretty easy and it does nothing about the reasons why you have unhappiness in your life. People in general are easily led. God religions have been used for a long time to control people. Imagine believing in something that claims he has the a direct line to God (Catholicism) and this man told you how you had to live your life – not use contraception and many other things? Every one listens and follows along because they they don’t know any better.

      10. My sincere apologies for the delay in my response, Sonniq! 😦 I have to agree with you. In all religions, we almost always end up doing things for others and carry notions that only if you appease a certain set of people in a certain fashion, are you moving towards the path of light and God would be gracious to lift you from darkness. As you rightly said, we people are easily led. The thing that instils fear in most Indians these days is Astrology (or should I say, Astrologers). Astrology is a brilliant scientific craft handed down over centuries by some of our genius ancestors and somehow research indicates that their readings never skipped a beat. However, these days, there are astrologers on every nook and corner trying to milk money out of wary people with oodles of problems. There are still some people who’re good at the craft and claim some credibility over their livelihood. It is still saddening to see a score of people being misled by some half-baked interpretation of a pristine form of science 😦

      11. This brinks up an interesting subject. Did you know this is where all the different religions came from – before the one about Jesus. The ones all based on the Sun God, when he was born, and born of a virgin, died and was reborn in three days, who had 12 disciples, performed miracles and walked on water etc etc etc is all based on astrology, the movement of the planets and the seasons, and also why the hallo around Jesus’s head ( which is really a sun) and the “cross” is really a pagan symbol. There were dozens of gods across time, that as a rule aren’t taught, in every civilisation, with exactly the same story that came before Jesus, usually with 500 – 2000 years between them. Jesus is just the latest. If you think about it, the length of time Jesus has been an influence is a very short period of time considering how long man has been around. But in Jesus time we learned to read and write and politics learned how to manipulate people’s fear of death and their need for a father figure who loves them.

        Long ago people learned to read the stars. It explained the seasons. The lengthening and shortening of days and the exact time of year the sun was lowest and three days later -rose. The mythology around the sun God, and sun day as a time to worship the sun god all evolved over time and was taught because it was the concept people could grasp in their ignorance. The stories that have evolved to become what religion has become today is no more real and true than Peter Pan. But people cling to it. “It has to be true! ” We cried. “I was taught this as a child!” But they were only taught by their parents and the ones before that. Even though they can’t prove it to be true, that is part of the mystic that makes it even more true in their eyes. They don’t need proof. They “feel” it to be true. They also can’t take the backlash from friends and family if they even question it. It has to be true. What! No god to confront at the pearly gates? No family waiting to greet me ( and then do what? Talk about old times? Really?) People don’t think. They just want to make sure their mansion is reserved for them. There are those that “find” god on their death bed and they get all the same benefits as a life long Christian who has tried to follow all the laws and someone else gets to slip in at the very end after probably never even going to church in perhaps decades.Doesn’t make much sense does it.

        Yes, there are astrologers and then there are those who prey on others as a way to make a quick buck. This is the first time I heard that Indians have a fear of astrology. That surprises me because true astrology is based on the movement of the stars and how it affects the earth. Could you explain that more?

        Your very last line about being saddened by people being misled by a half baked interpretation, is how I see the people who are misled by this ever twisting, continually evolving interpretation of what God says or what God means when “he” has never once interpreted the words that are attributed to him – but people sure do make a lot of money from trying.

      12. True true! The Sun God has 12 wheels and they can be found in the most famous Sun Temple in India at Konark, Odisha (http://www.sacred-destinations.com/india/konark-sun-temple). I get where you’re coming from and I don’t dare disagree. We all began worship from whatever nature had to offer us, and adding a little here and there gave us the whole concept of “rituals” aka improvised prayer that we perform today! Politics and fear is what thrives and drives in religion and it’s only now that people are waking up to ‘spiritual healing’ as opposed to blindly following a standard set of procedures because that’s what they were “supposed” to do! Good things coming up on that front, thankfully. Ah, the astrology v. astrologers discussion! Haha, we love astrology in all its innate complexity and scientific precision. It’s the “astrologers” we fear because those are the times when the science becomes an art, with their own twist. So what should have been stated as facts, in essence becomes twisted, seasoned with inaccurate information arising from their lack of expertise in the field. You may find this interesting- here down South (it’s about a 160 miles from where we live) there is a very famous temple called Vaitheeswaran Kovil, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The highlight of this place (outside the temple) is that there is a special form of astrology, what we call Nadi (pronounced Naadi) Josiyam (josiyam/ jothidam = astrology). It is believed that the holy sages who lived centuries or even millennia ago have prophesied each of our lives, yes all of us. They have written the same on palm leaves in the ancient tamil hand, and are decipherable only by people who have studied the form of science and can identify the person through their thumbprint and a series of leading questions leading to your correct leaf. There is a library maintained for the same, and it is believed that only when one is destined to find his prophecy, will he. However, now there are various controversies surrounding the legitimacy of the astrologers, not the concept of the astrology itself. You can find more on this here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadi_astrology

      13. Thank you – I will check this out. Interesting discussion. OMG – a reply that doesn’t just say, ” Great blog post” then “Thank you” then “Your welcome” then the next 5 people say the same thing and all of a sudden the blogger has great stats with zillions of comments and he thinks he/she is doing a wonderful job with a popular blog and no one has said anything at all. Not only that, the blog only had a picture and two lines of words that was put together in 4 minutes. I guess there is a place for everyone. Sigh . . . I prefer content.

        Now – your comment. You are so right – politics and fear drives religion – and it shouldn’t. It should be a guideline on how to live your so you can be happy. It shouldn’t be a tool to hurt people with and regrettably, it is. There are so many sects that branch off from each religion that are all a little different. I think there is much you can learn from most religions. It comes from the same place inside. How to be a good human. Some are just plain nuts, though, like Christian Scientists and aliens that invade your brain is a little far-fetched. It is mostly Christians, though, that want to press their thinking on everyone and the conservative right pushes Christianity harder and harder, yet not one of them actually practice what it preaches. People are so easily led. When a religion becomes all about praising the creator of that religion and not about applying the lessons that are taught there is something wrong with it. They have missed the point. All these god posters on facebook. praise god. god loves you. God will fix your life if you praise him enough. What is there to love? No, he can not put his arms around me. But they think that is all there is to it. The teaching – “You reap what you sow” means nothing to Christians. They can recite it but they don’t know what it means. They don’t understand that if you have ugly thought about Muslims, refugees, Mexicans, gays etc., that they are creating a cause in their life – they are sowing a seed they are going to have to reap one day in the form of some kind of ugliness that is going to be directed at them. and they will scream they are a victim. They do not understand the religion they practice and that is sad. You find the same thing in Buddhism in the sects that worship the Buddha and have statues in their alters. Praising the man does not mean you understand the lessons. And if you don’t understand what you are doing you are going to have to repeat them until you do. That is why we attract the same kind of people in our life. it’s why we can’t move and start our lives over. The same kind of people will be waiting for you – until you figure out that there is something inside yourself that needs to change on the inside and THEN it will reflect in your environment. People don’t like to admit that it is themselves that causes their own unhappiness. No one is doing it TO them. It’s a long process, but then our lives are long. We never can learn all of that in one lifetime. But Christians think if they do a good job of praising God in this lifetime then they will go on to an existence of pure happiness and delight sitting at the feet of their arrogant self-centered God who needs to be constantly praised. Sounds like a some with a god-complex – pun intended. One needs to want to seek truth and knowledge and you are right – people are afraid. They don’t want to find out that they actually have to DO something to improve the condition of their lives. It isn’t just handed to them because they said amen a lot. Also – it is so irritating to see people say things to make them look devout and say at the end – can I get an amen on that! and 26 people dutifully say amen so other people can see they are good Christians, too.

        I almost forgot – astrology. Reading the starts and how the positioning changes, which controls the grow of crops and the seasons, the length of the days etc., that is what people first learned that is why the image of God is in front of a sun. It is not a Halo per se. There were many gods who had the exact same story of their life as Jesus did. But they weren’t men – it is all stars in the heavens. It is men who turned this knowledge into breathing people. That is why there is not reference from the history of any country that talks about this man called Jesus. There would be a reference somewhere, at least in some story passed down, and there isn’t. Not one. But in history there have been many sun gods before the timeline of Jesus. He was just the last to be given these attributes – walks on water – miracles, feeds the people with a few fish, heals people, born of a virgin, 3 kings, crucified, died and rose in 3 days etc. (I may have told you this already) About every 500-1500 approx years there was a new one. I’ll dig up my notes and give you the list and the years and you can research it yourself. People think too small. In the realm of time 2000 years is nothing, yet they make it sound like it is so old, so long ago.

      14. Yes, yes! Thank you! I was going to say most of the things you just did. The whole point of stirring “religious faith” in people is madfoolery. If people want to be religious, they will. You don’t need to dance around a fire, or to drums because “celebration” is what the Gods like. If celebration was what they liked, clearly they’ve never been to Earth. I’m not an atheist or an antagonist. I’m just someone who can’t see these things and brush it off as nothing else. This brings about the whole ideology of how women are treated too, and that really irks me. Sorry to stray off topic here, but this is something I have never felt too glad about. Women are endeared by generations as Gods, but here women are not allowed inside temples during menstruation. It has boggled me and left me at unease ever since. Yes, there are contrary views on this justifying the science behind the reason that they do what they do, but it is still unsettling! Beliefs started off with us being “impure” to being “extremely powerful that would render God powerless”. I’m not belittling any religion. It is just that there has been no rationale behind all this. If there was a valid one, I would whole-heartedly accept it! Would love to hear your thoughts on this. 🙂

      15. today I had 41 referred people from Stumble Upon, 27 from search engines and single digits from everything else, and 106 views. That’s an okay day, but I wouldn’t mind doubling that soon!

      16. I think this reply ended up on the place. No wonder you sound confused. I was teaching a woman about SEO and how tags affect search engine his on your blog. oh well..lol

    1. Tell me about it, Sarah. Life is returning to normalcy here, but we’re just about taking any precautions to prevent the rise and rage of an epidemic. We’re a resilient city 🙂 Kudos to the entire band of selfless volunteers! 🙂 Oh, and Choppy is adorable! 😀

  2. Thank you so much for your visit and follow……on arriving at your blog I was so sorry to hear about the terrible floods I hope they soon subside and after everyone has cleared up they can get back to normal, there seems to have been flooding in a number of countries recently it must be devastating I feeel so sorry for the people affected. Take care.

    1. Hello! Thanks a ton for the follow 🙂 True, it was pretty catastrophic, but we have recovered sufficiently well, thank you 🙂 Please do stay in touch!

  3. I am so sorry about the flooding in your city and area. We live on a hill overlooking the Wabash River and I can tell you that even though it’s not a huge wide river it is powerful when it floods. I can’t possible imagine all the things that have happened to the people who live in Chennai but thanks to your photos and great post, I can do one better, I can “see” it. Thank you!

    I’m so happy so many stepped up to help and things seem to be getting better. (((hugs)))

    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks a ton for stopping by 🙂 Your comment made my day, and I’m bowled over by your love for all of us. We’re back to normalcy and everything has fallen into place (quite literally). Hugs back to you too, and thank you so much again 🙂 Please do stay in touch!

    1. Hello! Thank you for your prayers and concern 🙂 So nice of you to stop by and comment. Everything’s settled down and the sun is already up, bright and beaming! Do stay in touch 🙂

  4. My little community has had 3 floods in the past 20 years, including this past December. I’m sorry to hear about the floods in your area and hope things start moving in back to normal. Unfortunately, it takes a long long time to fully recover. The only good thing that came out of our floods was the surfacing of humanity and witnessing how everyone cared for their neighbors.

    1. Oh, I’m terribly sorry to hear that! 😦 It’s great to see you braving this year-after-year. Really appreciate your resilience. 🙂 Do stay in touch, Mr. Peach!

  5. Reading about this terrible calamity brings goose pimples even after almost 2 months have passed. People must be still just about settling down. This is a very vivid account by you.

  6. I hope all People who lost homes will find others, even tho it wont be easy…
    Nice of you to write about this terrible climate, of which we actually are ‘responsible’! Thanks for following 🙂

    1. Certainly! In the spirit, indeed 🙂 In fact I understand that several NGOs have mushroomed during and after the rains to aid rehabilitation and infrastructure development. One such organisation is Chennai Micro, who is providing a lot of support to the farmers whose produce was gutted during the downpour. It’s inspiring to hear that there are wonderful souls around 🙂

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