Cybernetics in Entropy

For days, I thought I would never be able to get an academic post up. Now that I finally have one, I realised it was legal to brag. Sigh! The post-lunch lull really got to me.  So without further ado (read as letting me be a prick) read on and leave your comments below! 🙂

Cybernetics has involved over the years and the method of consumption of information at large has dynamically transformed the way we think, behave and rationalize. Though evolution may have played a role in this entire process, it is the external stimuli that has impacted us significantly. In specific, the procedure by which humans exert control over themselves and study themselves and their psychology is a gamut of the umbrella under which Cybernetics falls under.

As written by a co-blogger, “the idea of Cybernetics is what is proposed originally in 1948 by the American mathematician Norbert Wiener as a science of control and communication in the animal and the machine.” So how does this still help us in today’s era? Humans don’t work in silos, they work in a system-based approach, as part of the whole genus. This classification may throw some light on the psychological or biological entropy and thermodynamical anarchy that we face. It is interesting to note that our wiring in our brains, made up of thousands of neurons and dendrites has a very significant impact on the way we perceive and analyze things, which has the capability to even alter the medium in which our future generations to think.

This leaves us wondering what entropy is in the first place, and how could it possibly have an effect on humans. Wikipedia defines entropy as “a measure of the number of specific ways in which a thermodynamic system may be arranged, commonly understood as a measure of disorder. According to the second law of thermodynamics the entropy of an isolated system never decreases; such a system will spontaneously proceed towards thermodynamic equilibrium, the configuration with maximum entropy. Systems that are not isolated may decrease in entropy, provided they increase the entropy of their environment by at least that same amount.” In essence, entropy is something as simple as the deterioration or decay of energy which is necessary to perform any task. There are different forms of entropy and various applications and determinants of the same with respect to how the entire world is operating, on a massive scale. There have been numerous studies suggesting the impending doom of the ‘heat death’ where it has been projected that the Universe will die a natural death on account of the increasing entropy it is pushed with.

The world renowned physicist Schrodinger explained as an addendum in his book ‘What is life’ that he had been studying what negentropy was and what it meant to the world at large. He says, “If I had been catering for them [physicists] alone I should have let the discussion turn on free energy instead. It is the more familiar notion in this context. But this highly technical term seemed linguistically too near to energy for making the average reader alive to the contrast between the two things.” As much as this was a revolutionary idea put forth by him, it has taken to mean different things with the rapid advancement of science.

So, is there nothing we can do at all to prevent the cause of our own race being extinguished? Are we indeed a closed system after all? Enough research has been moving past the years with whirring speed, stirring innumerable controversies and raising diabolic viewpoints. The driving point behind this whole issue was how well we as humans respond to the stimuli we are surrounded with. Cybernetics will be of great merit and contribute significantly to the understanding of our reasoning and its correlation with the whole transformation of energy across paradigms. Numerous research is going to keep coming our way which fundamentally affects how we constantly view ourselves. Until then, it’s just the surmise that the world will not collapse on our heads as we keep running!



12 thoughts on “Cybernetics in Entropy

  1. I have few questions to ask. Neurons are transmitters of electrochemical and electromechanical signal. And dendrites act like a hub for neurons to connect and transmit those signals.
    How will these affect and alter a person’s way of analysing and perceiving in future generation?
    Secondly when you speak about entropy I would like to suggest that the points you spoke about entropy were rather misleading. You never spoke about the kind of system in which the entropy occurs. Because the definition of entropy totally lies in the kind of system you are talking about. And your view points slightly move towards entropy as energy.
    Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But here the entropy can be created and not destroyed. There are practical applications having advantage with increase and also decrease in entropy. But also that it is so beautiful that entropy decreses in certain systems where the extra entropy is given classical example I can pull out from internet is In fact, your body is creating some right
    now as it generates heat. One of the reasons that your body temperature has to be higher than the
    surrounding air, or that you have to sweat off water if it isn’t, is that you
    have to get rid of the extra entropy (otherwise, you would become disorganized
    and eventually die). The energy that your warm body radiates carries away the extra
    entropy. It does this because losing this energy decreases the number of
    microscopic states that the atoms and molecules of your body can be in.

    One question I always pondered upon is that what is order and disorder? Without defining that I don think we can ever talk about entropy. And of all things I totally commend your effort on writing this article. But I would suggest the facts you sourced from internet lacks fundamental credibility. Good work. Keep working hard.

    1. Hello! That’s a nice handle and glad to make your acquaintance here. First things first, going by my disclaimer, you would know I’m not a pro at this. I’m willing to learn however, and your arguments and criticisms are well received 🙂 Considering that I wanted to test unknown waters and my knowledge in this matter is limited to the internet (or any printed material relating to this topic), I’m afraid there may be skewed perceptions and explanations on the whole thing. I’m glad I’ll be able to work on this though, and thanks a ton again for stopping by! 🙂

  2. “…a science of control…”

    That says it all. This Digital-Age technology is controlling us more and more. We have created this Digital-Age technology in our own image–now it is recreating us in its.

    Years ago, I decided to draw the technological line in my life at the Internet–I decided not to have a mobile device (cellphone, iphone, smartphone). I still have no mobile device–and the more I see this mass addiction to mobile devices taking its toll on my fellow human beings, the more determined I am not to become a willing part of it.

    And years ago, I decided not to join Facebook–or any other such “social media” (I decided that I shared enough personal information on my blog). And as I see the antisocial chaos erupting more and more because of “social media”–the latest being this cultural genocide against the American South–the more determined I am not to become a willing part of this “social media” addiction.

    There is a popular show on the National Geographic Channel called “Doomsday Preppers”–focusing on all kinds of people futilely planning for some kind of doomsday. Doomsday is coming–this truly is the beginning of the end of the world–not the planet, just the world. But because we don’t know exactly how human civilization (and possibly even the human species) will end–there is no way to adequately prepare for this end.

    Nevertheless, those of us who make the choice to draw a line with this Digital-Age technology will be better prepared than those of us who do not.

    My suggestion to anyone in the world–though especially in the United States–is this:

    If you have a mobile device, destroy it while you still can–before you become further addicted to it.

    And if you have an account with Facebook, or any other such “social media”, close it–and get back to communicating face-to-face with the people around you instead.

    There’s a website called “” that gives contact information for customer service for all of these corporations (including eHarmony) that give no way for you to contact customer service anymore (eHarmony just shut off its phone number provided on–so eHarmony no longer provides any customer service at all).

    “Get human” is the perfect term for liberation from this inhuman Digital Age. This Digital-Age technology is making us all less and less human all the time. And the less we rely on it, and the more we start communication face-to-face with those around us again, and start observing everyone and everything around us again, the more human we can get–again.

    1. That’s amazing! Thanks for taking the time out to reply to this so well 🙂 I checked out and ironically, it’s going to take a lot of effort to get more human than this 🙂 You’re off mobile phones? Whoa that’s a first! Kudos to you on that. I’m trying social detox and it is harder than it sounds. Hope I do feel well and energised after going through that paradox! 😀

  3. Thoughtful post indeed. One thing is for sure, I am a good example of entropy, constantly having to drag up sapping energy from the source 🙂 I guess whilst the universe exists there is always hope…

    1. I completely understand your analogy 🙂 The universe is a paradox by itself but I’ll come to that some other day 😀 So glad to see you around here. Feel comfortable on The Couch, because as Calvin says “there’s all the time in the world to do all the nothing you want” 🙂

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