Anonymous, synonymous?

Recently, I felt a strange connection to the world, almost to the point of feeling surreal. It felt like I was in the murky cesspool of drama, emotions and yet, a smile was plastered to my face. This was my attempt in vain to let the introvert in me to get to know the over-enthusiastic grown adult in me. An understanding that was so profound that it spurred me to do something about it. All I know is to write, so here I am. What is this “revelation” I’m ranting about? I actually and finally understood the term ‘friendship’ and what it means to me. I’ve had a lot of friends in my life, but there is always only a handful who will stay by you, nurture you, and feel like family to you. This attachment to that warm comfortable feeling could be cloaked with emotions that are so pure and virgin, unadulterated by hormonal feelings towards the opposite sex. Emotions that are tagged with chastity, and has an underlying political celibacy that goes with it. You may ask, “Why, potato? Why? What’s with all the drama?” One can never blame a potato for being cheesy or corny, but today it’s not about the mushy, yummy croquette. Today is about being a raw salad- straight from the heart, healthy and in all goodness.

We have all had this friend, someone special with whom you can actually define “fromance”. As much as I was proud of my “coinage”, I was disheartened to learn that it already exists but at the same time, was so glad that it was spot on! This is probably how a roller-coaster of emotions work. In reality, friendship is always tied with romance in a very unconventional way, which will hypnotise even lovers to “fall in friendship”. We all have this friend, who has been through your every victory (like the time you finally had the guts to send food back in a restaurant that was so pathetic that even inhaling another morsel would have killed you) and every embarrassment (like the time you wanted to make reservations for dinner, but ended up calling the hotel instead of the restaurant, where the front desk misunderstood your dinner reservations for room bookings and had you endure a five-minute awkward conversation).

Life’s big picture always involved that one friend worth writing about- the one who is always the first to read my posts, and in this case, offer an awkward hug later because that’s the best he can emote. That friend who is mature beyond his age, and who will assume roles of your big brother, best friend and a confidant so easily that you’ll never notice the transition. That one friend who will never be replaced- who you can still call at 2 am and lament about why “Trump is so not America’s trump card” or exhaustingly muse about your life over an amazing cup of filter coffee on a lazy evening. Over the brook of life, where getting married or being relocated would be something “regular”, this is the one friend who will still miss my strawberry jam, and I, his diplomatic self. Priorities change, so will people, but someday this post is going to bring a smile to our faces, when we won’t be doing 9 pm coffee shots or impromptu beach rides any more. This post is a thank you to my friend- someone I love, with no tags or labels. Thank you for being there, Mr. Beans!

It’s not because I’m a potato that I’m saying this, but “that’s how we roll“! If you have made it so far, remember I’m so proud of you and would love to hear from you (it’s salad day, so please be healthy, and let’s not junk on potato, please?) 🙂


49 thoughts on “Anonymous, synonymous?

  1. I know this friend. I can understand what you mean by him being diplomatic and abt the awkward hugs. He has his own way :).

  2. Hi Potato, great post. I am sorry that Fromance was already taken (thought you coined it too!). Let me also take this opportunity to say your writing skills and command over the language is fabulous. I don’t know if I can ever reach this level *sets this as my benchmark*.

    And probably “Diplomat” is a strong word to use? I’m sure your friend is that way because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and makes decisions based on logic rather than emotion or possibly because he was raised that way! (maybe his dad is to blame – Inception).

    Great post once again, looking forward on reading more blogs!

    – Your biggest fan.

    1. Heya diotheferocius! Haha, we can’t win ’em all. That’s a huge compliment, and the potato is humbled 🙂 Benchmark? Not even close. Also I mentioned on a friend’s blog (the same friend about whom I’ve ranted here) that a potato turns a beetroot when it is confronted with compliments. It’s really nice of you to defend his diplomatic streak and I heard the ‘inception’ story as well, but nah it doesn’t look like a story I’ll buy 😀 Thanks a ton again, means a lot to me. *Turns so beetroot*

  3. Haha inception is a nice concept but doesn’t seem to stick. Guess the reasoning of not wanting to take sides is a better choice than to blame dad or other things.

      1. The World war was CAUSED by dissenting countries. The plague was CAUSED by a bunch of filthy rats. Still think “cause” paints a rosy picture? 😛 Me being me would say “Pot-aeh-toe, Pot-aaah-toe” 😀

  4. So nicely put forth. The whole idea of fromance, as you put it, is sweet. And I guess Mr. Beans would be very proud of being categorized like that. No offence, but suddenly the word “friendzoned” came in my mind, accompanied by a broad smile on my lips.
    Lovely post. 🙂

    1. Heya! Long time 🙂 Haha Mr. Beans and I are very much friends and no we didn’t friendzone each other. We’re those weird people who’ll always remain friends 🙂 Thanks a ton for your appreciation as always. I’m grinning from ear to ear 😀

      1. As a (in)famous man once said,”Let’s put a smile on that face.”
        I’m smiling broadly myself. It was nice reading the post. Have a good day. God bless. 🙂

  5. Yes. You missed being the one who coined it. But then this feeling of knowing that you did coin it, in your heart, is a feeling that provides a sweet satisfaction. Only if time was on your side and that person was indulging on potatoes that day, instead of thinking and coining this term 😛 *Great Writing. Very sweetly written*

    1. Hahahaha. As a matter of fact, Mr. Beans does love potato wedges, so I just missed the perfect time, haha. Thanks a ton for that wonderful comment, Nitin 🙂

  6. I still love your writing and what you write about, from the first time I came across your blog 🙂 I have that friend, too. He’s my “bestfriend haiku”. I do think I missed one of your previous posts (work gets in the way, haha!) but I shall check it out. Thank you, once more. You always inspire.

    1. AJ! I’ve missed you 😦 Thank you for a heap of those compliments. Have I ever mentioned how red potatoes turn when they are complimented? They turn into a beetrootish pomegranate 😀 Haha, Haiku sounds perfect, I’m going to give you credit but still steal that phrase from you 😀 On a seriously grateful note, thank you. Your love and comments spur me to write 🙂

      1. Beetroot and pomegranate must make a new and better version of a red velvet cake..!! Ever so inspiring! And funny ☺ And thank you for the credit 😆 Steal away. Provided, you write more for me and others to love and enjoy.

      2. Hahahaha. Name it, you’ve got it. Actually yes, let’s have a topic exchange challenge. You give me a topic and I’ll try my best to write on it, and then we can switch 😀

      3. Sounds scary! Haha! But must face the fear! 😆 This response is taking long.. I’m thinking of a topic.. Ah, got it – first love! 😊 I promise, it took me awhile to get to that. Don’t judge. Haha!

      4. Hahaha. A potato’s first love.. Is it the sexy Pumpkin or the anorexic Ladies’ finger, or the green and envious Kale? Hmm. Interesting 😀 Alright. Challenge accepted 😀

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