The Zodiacal Métier

Reading and understanding Sun signs has always been an activity all of us like to undertake. Most of us look at the forecast for our own sun sign and later try to recall if any of it was true. However, how many of us have thought of something different while reading our cards? I had a moment of epiphany and thought of how it might be if there were 12 “Unconventional” professions that one could pursue based on their sun signs. It was real fun working on this and I do hope it bodes well for all of you 🙂

Note: By unconventional, I mean the kind that does not solely involve one being a Doctor, Accountant, Lawyer, Engineer, Scientist or any other profession that has been widely cast as “profitable”. Kindly treat this post as ‘funtertainment’ and in the spirit it is intended in. I don’t intend to offend anyone, whatsoever. 🙂

Aries (21 Mar- 19 Apr)- The Stand-up Comedian:

They love vibrance and energy, and constantly need success and passion in what they do, while always on the look out to please those around them. They are humorous to a fault, and these reinforcements are what drives them to plunge into anything that they do.

Taurus (20 Apr- 20 May)- The Physical Trainer:

With the virtue of incessant patience and a penchant for stability and stamina, they make for wonderful trainers (especially if you know that you’re dependent on them). Their ideas are often tainted with spontaneity, making them weighty and strong.

Gemini (21 May- 21 Jun)- The Juggler:

With the responsibility that comes from two heads fused into one, the Gemini is a born juggler, balancing their thirst for intelligence with a characteristic that suggests that they are not to be messed with. Their principles of life are always about managing their priorities- everything is important, only their timings change. They seamlessly move from one domain to another, often being wild thinkers and achievers.

Cancer (22 Jun- 23 Jul)- The Caregiver:

With a born motherly instinct, they love to protect and care for those around them, whether related by blood or not. They love to listen to others and Cancerians are those who would go the extra mile to make the other person feel loved and cared for. They’re unconventional and often have different priorities than others- while most people would chase money, they chase relationships and nurture them. If you ever need care, go to a Cancerian- you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Leo (24 Jul- 23 Aug)- The Born Performer:

With a savvy attitude and a compelling stage presence, Leos are born performers. They love to make impressions, often dominating and overshadowing others with their suave skills and dynamic personality. They consider themselves royalty giving themselves the best, while still sharing with those they care about. Amazing at anything that highlights their uncharacteristic eloquence, Leos are always a class apart.

Virgo (24 Aug- 22 Sep)- The Critical Writer:

The naturally inquisitive antennae in a Virgo spruce up when they find mistakes in anything that’s worth their attention. Their love for arts and the game of “let’s dissect what’s wrong here” are co-existent making them over-thinking perfectionists. They love to stand out from the crowd and will most likely not enjoy what everybody else loves. With a mystical analytical brain, they love to be related to the (literary) arts and see things that could go unnoticeable.

Libra (23 Sep- 22 Oct)- The Chef:

Driven by a need to bring in a constant element of balance to their little world, Librans would make some of the best chefs in the world. Their ideologies of harmony often reflect on their work, and they take it upon themselves to bring in “tasteful living” into the world.

Scorpio (23 Oct- 22 Nov)- The Debater:

Their confidence and composure, packed with a resolute focus, Scorpios love to talk and lawyer the other side. When they make up their minds, they are unrelenting and in the face of obstacles, they sting their way free. Quick with comebacks, accompanied by an attitude that never backs down, they love to win every debate, every argument in the world.

Sagittarius (23 Nov- 21 Dec)- The Free Spirit:

Sagittarians love being dynamic and despise monotony. They are comfortable where they are- at home in their sweat pants, catching up with the latest series. One can never force a profession or an activity down their throats, thereby letting themselves experiment with what they like. They love fun and they love freedom, and an ideal combination of both would be their ideal sense of a profession.

Capricorn (22 Dec- 20 Jan)- The Event Planner:

With an eye for detail and thorough meticulousness, they plan every step five steps in advance. They find stability alluring, and strongly believe that their intuition is so powerful that it is of second nature to them. Their wonderful organisational capabilities and the systematic coherence with which they execute their plans, helps them sleep in bliss.

Aquarius (21 Jan- 19 Feb)- The Painter:

Endowed with a non- linear perception to life and wonderful intellect, the Aquarians enjoy achieving their goals in peace and in no hurry to race with the world. Their artistic phases are very personal to them, which often explains their need for their space and freedom, to experiment with their rather exotic ways and means. They are born artists and believe in bringing their talents to the world in ways that are self-driven.

Pisces (20 Feb- 21 Mar)- The Philanthropist:

Known best for their selfless and demure attitude, the Piscean is best suited to handle the burdens of the world and society that they live in. Altruistic to their very core, they always put others’ needs ahead of their own. They’re genuinely happy for people, content with their life and with the kind of honesty code that they live by, the world comes knocking at their doors, and boy do they love to help!

Sources: Inputs were taken from the Godmother of Sun Signs, Linda Goodman and from the following websites:

40 thoughts on “The Zodiacal Métier

  1. A career in astrology beckons you, Mr. Pot. Although I don’t quite agree with all the points you said for my zodiac sign, it’s a great effort nonetheless. Astrology isn’t easy, right?
    By the way, you’ve been gone for quite a few days. Something’s the matter?
    Nice post. Happy blogging. God bless. 🙂

    1. Hahaha. I know it may not completely agree with your character sketch, but just wanted to try this one out 😀 In fact I ran a trial run among friends and family and only after a unanimous vote did I post this. So that’s a tad bit disappointing 😦 Haha. Ah my disappearance was caused by the regular humdrum- work, reading, etc- nothing out of the blue. So, how have you been doing? 🙂

      1. The sample size you took maybe gave a bit confusing output. But, as I already said, it’s well worth the try.
        As for poor me, well you see, trying being prolific on the blog. Got the regular schedules of work and play too to balance (thinking self as being a tightrope artist 😀 ). But seriously trying to create new content and doing the usual.
        Which books you’ve been reading?

      2. Haha fair enough. Tight-rope artist- I should have listed that down as a profession. If that didn’t convince you, what could have, haha 😀 Ah I’m currently reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s Beyond Good & Evil. It’s almost an 8000 page manuscript on my Kindle. Haha good luck to me 😀

      3. Ha ha ha. Maybe even that’d not have, hard-to-please-types like us folks 😛
        That is quite an act of bravery you’ve performed. 8000 pages, wheewww!
        Nietzsche wrote about psychology, right?

      4. Haha, that is if I finish reading it. Lol. Nietzsche is primarily a philosopher, with a great part of his works revolving around art, the mind etc. So yes, we can say that he had a lot of interest in psychology and it’s demonstrations 🙂

      5. Always welcome. It’s a pleasure (and a laugh riot sometimes) reading your posts so I do look forward to them. Let’s hope you get your inspiration sooner than soon enough. 🙂

    1. Nitin! It’s been a while! Haha this started off as a fun exercise by studying the traits of family and friends, me unscrupulously showing off and watch them get bamboozled 😛 I know- *evil* muhahahaha. Then I thought “why not pen it down?”, just to get that kick of being a psychic, lol.

      1. Ya it has been a while. Haha.. I can hear your evil laugh still ringing in my ears, and your family members cringing at that. 😛 Well the post came out really well.. so worth it 🙂
        what’s keeping you busy these days?

      2. Oh it was indeed fun. My friends kept telling me “Just because you do that doesn’t mean you’re Sherlock” 😛 I took that as a compliment though, haha. Busy-well.. Aside work, I’ve been reading a bit, and writing abstract stuff (not publish-worthy), catching up with the latest series, and watching reruns. Pretty much sums it up 😀 What’s happening with you? 🙂

      3. Haha.. Indeed it was a compliment…looks like a fun activity, maybe I’ll try it sometime too 😉

        What’s with me… Pretty much the same. Work eating up a lot of time. Reading keeps me occupied for the better part of the remaining.(High on ‘Haruki Murakami’ fever these days 😉 )GOT and other series … writing has taken a hit for me too.. So yeah, pretty much the same..

      4. Wow. Been wanting to read up Haruki’s works for a while and thanks to your well-timed reminder, I’ve got some Kindle shopping to do 😀 Damn it my reading list gets longer 😦 Haha, yes GoT and others indeed. However, I’m dying waiting for the 6th season of Suits 😀

      5. Ya .. do read him up -reading him is an experience.. like a dream within a dream, or like dissolving in a sea of warm milk 🙂 (sorry for these metaphors, but this is what he does 🙂 )
        I slipped on keeping up with suits after the fourth season.. how is it doing now? I felt it slowed a bit around fourth.. Now you’ve mentioned I feel like continuing it ? 🙂

      6. Ooh what an imagery, and now I can’t wait to read him up (putting the list of 40 books on the back burner) :@ Ah the 4th season dragged a bit but Season 5 made up for it all. The climax made my eyes pop wide open and is now pushing me to fervently pray for S6 (hopefully with good twists). Bah, sorry for the spoilers 😛

      7. Haha.. that’s what I did.. I put the third instalment of Song of ice and fire on hold after stumbling upon his books 😛

        So, I must see it then. And I guess you didn’t spoil anything. I think you just revealed enough part of the story to make it inviting for me. thanks 🙂

      8. Haha, wonderful. On a random note, we should start a blogging event soon enough and call it the “Quote-a-thon”. People can come out with the quotes they love from the books they’ve adored and been inspired by. It would act as a repository as well as provide a platform for us writers to give our thoughts on the same. It would in effect be a personalised Goodreads 🙂 Random musings it is. Lol.

      9. It’s the daddy of the coincidences :O
        I have started doing it already.. though at a personal level, in evernote, I’m trying to make a collection of lines and passages I loved from my various readings. 😛

      10. Haha I do it too on my Kindle- I mean we highlight passages and Kindle makes a book out of that. However what I think is that this forum will help in understanding the ethos behind the reader and bring out the subtle points of a book with finesse. It would help develop our critical talents too. A good portion of us adore/ dismiss the wrong kind of books because of our notions behind the work or the author. This would probably help us get on track 🙂

      11. Yes -exactly, the next step I was thinking to write post based on the quotes. 🙂 What was the writer’s thought behind them, something like that, and may be analysing them.. Yes , -we can do that..:)

      12. I was thinking we could start a website or blog and promote the importance of it in our personal blogs. An invitation and tag-along would be rewarded with something personal such as a fancy personalised email picking a quote of the week and detailing the intricacies behind it. Maybe if the idea picks up, we could even conduct events to choose the best quotes by category, their participation and book quotient. The winners could be sent an eBook, say the book of the week or month.

      13. Yes. Right on point. Do you follow brainpickings.. It is something of this sort.. The idea of starting a website or blog focused on it looks inviting 🙂

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