The Gender Anatomy

I’ve been watching movie after movie with a hero dissecting a piece of information or a case or something important to mankind, and a woman is at his aide, being the one to loosen him up, to be the “support”, or be the extra in his life where he takes all these important decisions. Granted, there are movies like Arrival which are mind-blowing and urge you to rethink definitions. But, if you really think about it, women-centric movies occupy only a few drops in a bucket-full of male-centric films. One of my little idiosyncrasies has been to help male chauvinists learn the concept of “gender” in their own terms. And this post is for you, misogynists.

The euphemism for defeat and weakness has always been a strong reference to a lady’s body parts, and constantly saying that sure is “manly”.  The whole point of understanding the concept of “feminism” is something not many men would want to undertake. Trust me, most of us are not feminazis, we’re simple women who are simply demanding their half of the Yin-Yang- we’re feminists, not misandrists. That being said, even today millions of women are being pushed into the kitchen and asked to shut up. Scores of ideas are everyday heaped and hurled into the river of egotism and chauvinism, and something as simple as expression of opinion is forbade and ignored in light of the rapidly advancing world. All because we were born with something that you didn’t have, and instead of seeing that as a way of life, you thought of that as a threat. Right from a pass at us on the streets to creating a damsel-in-distress situation, there has always been a woman being pulverised. She is a lot of amazing things- she has a career, she has an amazing family and great friends, and she balances all of this so beautifully, so skilfully. The morning newspapers glorify the working women, whereas nobody sees the sacrifices that goes behind dusty, sooty, sweaty kitchens, where her only escape could probably be a lunchtime soap opera or a phone call with her friend about a planned excuse for exchanging money for clothes.

Technology gave us a voice, but you had different plans for us. If we expressed our opinions in a field that you thought was way too cool for us, you went out of the way to slut-shame us. Why? Because you couldn’t handle someone giving you a better and more refined suggestion in your “cool arena”? Why has this always been a problem- Adam v. Eve, Romeo v. Juliet, Trump v. Merkel? Why have the two genders been playing fencing for such a long time? Hiding behind gender descriptions, and normalising it through media has been around for way too long.

We honestly don’t need to see a woman’s cleavage to respect her; try showcasing her intellect, and then you’ll see the difference you have on people’s lives. We don’t need item numbers (this is for you, Indian cinema) to ensure we’ve had a good viewing experience. If you have an amazing script, we’re going to watch it, sans the item number. Each type of gender has its own unique feature, and the reason we have the variety is so we can highlight them for who they are, and not jail them by calling them trophies.


13 thoughts on “The Gender Anatomy

  1. Well said! Too many men (and some women) think we’re trying to place ourselves above them, when all we want is to be equal. I remember an old adage in reference to strong, smart women that always makes me smile: Ginger Rodgers did everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels. 😁

  2. I think even in this day and age of ‘supposed’ equality and enlightenment, far too many people don’t like to consider the notion that men and women can (and should) stand on an equal footing. Men are to blame for this to a huge extent but so are a lot of the women too. Unless women themselves believe that they are equal to men, the change can’t take roots. And while #NotAllMen is an escapist and misleading hashtag, women who exploit and suppress other women who are lower in the societal food chain than them are equally to blame. The mothers, mothers-in-law, the relatives, the daughters-in-law, all of them have to introspect too.
    And of course, the men! You can’t snigger at the ambitions of a woman and call yourself fair. She is a human being too, with her own life and own aspirations. Don’t pull her down if you can’t help push her up.
    Sorry for the mini-lecture. 😝
    Terrific post. Made me wish to write myself.

    1. Bloggeraaaaayy! Apologies for the delay. Been busy with some writing (you see the irony?) Lol. But I completely agree with what you’re saying and it’s not a lecture at all! It’s something we should all realise. Everyday reminders are amazing! 🙂

      1. Well, I wouldn’t have noticed myself. My writing is on standby for the time being.
        So can we know what writing you are doing?
        I’m glad you didn’t find the comment lecture-y! 😝😝

      2. Hahaha. Well right now I’m making spaghetti and trying to work on my essays. My essay is on how I wrote my story. So it’s like a meta essay. I’m pretty sure I stopped making sense since last evening. Lol.

      3. Meta is cool in its own way, me thinks.
        And what was that story about? And where is it going to be published?
        You didn’t have something intoxicating last evening, did you?😝😝

      4. Haha. You sound like jar-jar binks! Just writing a couple of short stories and a short script for a few assignments. That’s keeping me busy. I’m drunk on Nabokov! He has this intoxicating effect on his readers 🙂

      5. Jar-jar binks, that’s Star Wars I guess?
        So are you allowed to post them here too?
        Nabokov! Haven’t read him (I assume he is a writer, eh?)

      6. Yessss! Star wars! 😀 I think I can once they’re graded, not too sure though. Ooooh Nabokov is one of the best writers of the 20th century. He’s Russian but he’s written amazing works in English, Lolita being his best novel ever.

      7. Lolita, well…that I have heard. 😁😁
        I look forward to your sharing the stories here (and I’m serious about that).
        I’ll try to read some of Nabokov too, one of these days.

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