The Millennial Epoch

Epoch– I know I made it sound very Victorian, but we Millennials have in a way adopted the ingenuity of the period into ours. Indian Millennials have off-late been facing severe backlash for apparently causing the economy to dwindle. Being part of the authentic millennial culture, I wanted to put together a little something that explains us in our truest sense.  

Who are Millennials, and what’s all the hullabaloo about?

Millennial(s) /mɪˈlɛnɪəl/ (noun)– the savvy bunch that are transforming the very terrain of businesses globally.

We are self-starters, go-getters and agile entrepreneurs. We don’t believe in hand-me-down axioms, but work towards repurposing them for contemporary contexts. We don’t just do different things- we do things differently. We like aesthetics, and take note when we receive something that exceeds our expectations. Our values are grounded in doing the extraordinary, and in shaping the environment we live in- making an impact on businesses, cultures and demographics. We are an enthusiastic bunch with an appetite for growth, skills, and revel in personal engagement.  Businesses are dynamically adjusting and readjusting themselves to be able to service this unique brand of people. Manufacturing, Customer service, Logistics, and good ol’ retail are going through a massive shift in terms of the User Experience that they offer. Besides being tech-savvy, we Millennials have our own set of characteristics that distinguish us from the rest. 

We like local- Stereotypes don’t excite us, and from the coffee we grab to the clothes we flaunt, we look for that special oomph factor that sets us apart from our peers. We tend to favor the friendly earthy café down the block, which gives us free WiFi, as opposed to a chain of restaurants straddling on the backs of the local community. We shop local, looking for customizations that highlight our own personal branding- we are all about our personas. We are looking for the engagement, the personal touch- we want to be able to interact with what we want. So what does this do for the businesses that we interact with? They are constantly compelled to stay on the game- be innovative, and keep up with the changing times. Their very thinking undergoes a paradigm shift. Ergo, consumerism turns vibrant. 

We enjoy the journey, as much as the destination- We love businesses that focus on our experience, rather than just the ultimate product or service. We take cues from the way your staff welcomes us, to the thank you’s that come later. We like the smiles and the extra mile when you find us exactly what we’re looking for, even if it isn’t part of your job description. We like to know that we are important to your business, that we are helping you and ourselves in some way. We believe in growing together, and have soft spots for those influencers who have truly changed the way we do something. We invest in the relationships and the rapport, and our decisions rest on the smaller, finer things in life. 

We do our homework- Even though we are sometimes dubbed as impulsive shoppers, looking for the next big storm, we take the time to study what we want. We like to weigh our benefits and our ROI. Our time and money mean a lot to us, and we ensure we invest them appropriately. Right from the movie we watch to the restaurant that we dine in, we like to check our boxes. We trust our peers, and reviews mean the world to us. This urges businesses to consistently push themselves to be the best version of themselves, because they know the world is watching. We influence the other generations that we interact with- our predecessors and successors, and we have a lot riding on that- we know that we have to be right in what we endorse. 

We like to support causes- We embrace our need to be socially responsible and active- we take pleasure in giving back to the society that raised us. We like passionate, selfless and collaborative people, who are harbingers of change and transformation. You appeal to our hearts and minds, with authenticity and innocence, and you’ve won us over. We dispense with hackneyed schemes that loot us of our hard-earned money, which brought us nowhere closer to the site of impact. We are all about lifelines and how we use them. 


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