Fuck Namastes, I say Vanakkam

Just your run-of-the-mill piece of fictionalized rant, based on personal as well as experiences of others, so I don’t mean any offence at all. Thanks for understanding! ūüôā Fuck Namastes. I say Vanakkam. If you‚Äôve noticed my skin tone, and wondered if I‚Äôm Indian or Pakistani, or Sri Lankan, or definitely ‚Äúfrom around there‚ÄĚ, I‚Äôll […]

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Mr. Grunge

It’s been a long time since I blogged, and I didn’t want to give up on this month’s quota like last month’s. So, I tried to find a piece of short fiction that all of you might enjoy, and found Mr. Grunge on one of my folders. I hope you like it! If someone wanted […]

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The Gender Anatomy

I’ve been watching movie after movie with a hero dissecting a piece of information or a case or something important to mankind, and a woman is at his aide, being the one to loosen him up, to be the “support”, or be the extra in his life where he takes all these important decisions. Granted, […]

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Milking the Bulls

My everyday¬†breakfast involves a large bowl of cereal with almost one-and-a-half mugs of milk. Until a few weeks ago, I¬†relished that thought, prided myself even at drinking that milk, or finishing those large boxes of yoghurt and the finest of cheeses. But today, the stupidity¬†that is banning Jallikattu throws¬†its medusa-like spears at us, and we […]

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A potato’s guide to fitness

In terms of my career, I am heading towards a really good place in my life, and I couldn’t feel happier about it. I’m writing, reading and pretty much singing my days away- it somehow feels surreal. However, the only thing that has really always plagued my mind is ‘Weight loss’.  We live in a […]

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Silence of the Office

We all love our jobs, but there are just some everyday situations we encounter and respond to- mostly as a knee-jerk reaction. I had this crazy thought last evening and spent the rest of the night imagining what people would say to these situations in an undying spirit of satire. These situations are a fictional […]

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