Milking the Bulls

My everyday breakfast involves a large bowl of cereal with almost one-and-a-half mugs of milk. Until a few weeks ago, I relished that thought, prided myself even at drinking that milk, or finishing those large boxes of yoghurt and the finest of cheeses. But today, the stupidity that is banning Jallikattu throws its medusa-like spears at us, and we […]

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Yeah I failed. So?

Yeah I failed my exam- the last leg of the professional course I’m pursuing. My best friend got the 49th rank in the country. I’m top-of-the-moon happy for him. Sure I failed. So? Doesn’t mean I’m dumb. Doesn’t mean I didn’t work hard. Doesn’t mean I don’t have ‘luck’. It just means that I failed, that’s all. […]

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Cab, anyone?

Plonking in the rear seat of the veggie shopping bag next to Mrs. Rani, in what I could describe only as “Freaky-taxi”, I couldn’t help myself from deliberating on the current operational statistic and state of the taxi industry in this country. That’s right. I may be only a potato, but I do take great […]

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