The Gender Anatomy

I’ve been watching movie after movie with a hero dissecting a piece of information or a case or something important to mankind, and a woman is at his aide, being the one to loosen him up, to be the “support”, or be the extra in his life where he takes all these important decisions. Granted, […]


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Out of season

I’m still obsessed with flash fiction, and although this doesn’t entirely qualify as ‘flash’, it still can’t be categorised as regular fiction. This also happens to be the first time I’m writing in a second person narrative, and it has been quite a challenge! 🙂 Say you see someone at the bus stop. She’s wearing […]

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Confessions of a word-zoned potato

Sometimes life is hard, isn’t it? You are thrown into situations that are unpleasant, to say the least. You are pushed to the realms of existence. Throwing in some marketing jargons, I’d rather adopt a pull strategy with people rather than a push strategy. Sometimes it is plainly soothing to stay away from the crowd. It […]

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